the company assists the customer 360 degrees

excellence design

Italtechnology Moulds cooperates with a team of International renowned Designers that creates products with an undisputed visual impact, but they also study practical solutions for your everyday life.

Prototypes and test

The prototypes are made to have a clear idea about the final risult, but above all it allows our technicians to perform the needed structural analysis (mod flow and gas flow) before making the mould.

Research and Development

The planning procedure of the mould considers both its realization and its handiness during the production. The Clients will have a 3D final mould, completed with all the drive systems.

Mechanics works

A well-advanced mechanics' workshop selects the best materials that can be used and produces every single moving parts of the mould and its static.

Testing phase and its start

The project reaches its final phase when the mould is tested in the machine and few pre- production samples are created to satisfy the highest quality standard.

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