Your ideas will be turned into design

by drawing the prototypes to scale 1:1

We test and develop the project

making a 3D mould

We proceed to create the final mould planning all the phases

from its making to the final test

The final product

is pure art

and technology

made in italy

design and technology for the plastic world

Italtechnology Moulds is a worldwide Italian company specialized in projecting and producing moulds used in the plastic field. The company has more than 50 years of experience in this sector thanks to the high expertise of its founder Mr Bruno Borghetti. Italtechnology is a well-known market leader regarding the design, research, development and technology. The company, nowadays, is a reliable Partner of one of the most important Groups that produce furnitures and household products.

Italtechnology Moulds SRL | street Europa 3, 25086 Rezzato (Brescia) Italy